Tax Advisory

We provide a tax consultancy service with adaptation of changing external and internal legislation process by our Sworn in CPA’s high knowledge through their experience from in public (Ministry of Finance) and private sectors.

We share all kinds of suitable knowledge with our clients not only when they are asking for we inform our clients without waiting their asking. Also, we counsel financial and commercial offers through identifying market’s weakness and strenghts with sector assesments and SWOT analysis. 

Financial Legal Advisory

International integration shows its effects on financial affairs. We follow this changing process with our expreinced team to ensure avoiding of our clients from enforcements which they may face with in the future.

Our exprienced team regards to sectors, enlight our clients about legal issues with their deep experience and strong theoritical knowledge about the procedure in legal process and giving answers with serving current information accurately and quickly.

Demanding opinion from government, consueling during tax inspections, being a part in compromise meetings are the services in this field.

We also consueling service in solving tax dispute through judicial process. Firstly for our clients risk is minimized through our regular audit, in the controversial points for a possible criticism we apply to the courts and follow the process closely.

Our awareness of differences between Administrative and Judicial Bodies criticism and following current judicial decisions are the core of quality that we serve. 

Foundation, Division, Merger and Acquisition

Firms to create new values and to reach strategic priority use foundation, division(de-merger), merger and acquisition process as a tool. These transactions’ tax related matters take place in tex legislation, legal positions asses in Turkish Commercial Code and secondary regulations. For these reasons, provisions of law must be known in both tax related matters and legal positions.

Determination of method is used by firms, detection of balance sheet subject to division(de-merger) and transfer of firms, making related assesment, making accounting records before and after of division(de-merger) and transfer firms, applying for registration and preparing required repots are the advisory services we serve.

We have many accomplishments in projects subject to merger and acquisition, division(de-merger), transfer of shares. 

Offering Public and Issuance Bond Advisory

Firms required capital for realization their scopes. One of the most important tools for ensuring this capital is offering public. However, in this process control over capital markets legislation is required for managing process successfully. For this scope budget, working plan, strategical movements should have been deal punctiliously with consideration firm’s values.

As Vezin, we provide an advisory service with our exprienced team for assesment of alternative financing resources, making financial and legal regulation for public offering, after public offering supplying legislation advisory service .